Thursday, March 8, 2012

April Father's Day (1/3)

Nov. 2011

Certain Dunn Bros. have different feels, this one airs between plastic-machine-made coffee stop and rustic-aged-with-grace local coffee hideout. High hanging lights maintain a slight swing as if we were aboard a ship at sea- just the slightest swing though, we're not talking chandelier circa Super Castlevania IV. I sit across from Janet, good friend and fellow artist. We've known of each other for a year or so, but have just never met formally. Since getting to know one another in the past month, realizing how many mutual friends we share between us, and relating on little-known facts to quirky pop culture we've been running each other thru a gamut of random quick questioning while working on whatever we came to do here today at the coffee shop.

“In your songs, are you always speaking to- or writing about a real experience, or do you make that shit up?” Janet jots. “Umm, I'd say it all comes from a real experience I've had in the past directly or indirectly. If they're real stories or not- well, most of them are, but some of them are total slings of imagination... (writing break)... What's the craziest April Fool's you've ever pulled?” I question back. Janet ponders for a second, not tossing around the notion if she should tell me or not, just to think of something worth an answer. “I told this guy I was dating at the time I was pregnant. Held it for a few seconds and then told him GOTCHA!”

You see, there is no filter to Janet. She could personally care a f--- less if you passed judgment or not, as long you told the truth when you were on her time, that's all that mattered. In a passive state of forced smiles and faux welcomes, Janet's the little red spot on the stark white screen that toils only with the hard truth. She spares no time for niceties or eye-batting to flower a show, simply to the point she is. So, when hearing she pulled an April Fools as broad she did, I flinched none at all. I froze in place. The freeze you do without notice; a plastic half-smile and a 7 mile stare. Once Janet finished relishing in her past joke noticing I hadn't moved she gave me one of those "what the f--- is wrong with you" looks. I blinked myself out of the trance and bewitchment, smiled to myself, "Uhh, so what're you working on"? I changed the subject quickly. It was the best I could do to dismember the moment from me reminiscing the same April Fools Janet had pulled- the same April Fools I had seen before... although it wasn't for a few seconds of agony as Janet had it. The joke had lasted several days.

to be continued

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