Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Days Bights

I work at the Old Spaghetti Factory once every two weeks. Along with collecting tips, I hand out fliers to most of the servers I work with. Tell’em I can get them into the show for free if they bring friends… It works- even better, it networks.

“Hey Ellie, you ever heard of a group called Bight Club”, accosting the nearest gal in a server uniform. Give fliers to women, give fliers to attractive women, give fliers to hoards and masses of women… the rest will follow. Ellie creased a faint smile… “I saw a guy at the beach this past summer- long dreads, mustache- I had just had to approach’em and ask him who he was- guy had “NUTZ” tattooed across his stomach- had to ask”. Already, I like it. She continued, “He said he’d been trying to get sober. I asked how long he’d been sober for- said he’d been sober for 5 days… but he’d only quit alcohol and weed he said. I tracked his band down online and bought some of the music”. She laughed and then b-lined for the kitchen to plug in the next order. I would hand her a flier later on, and reluctantly fall a tad more magnetized to the enigma of Jeremy Nutzman aka Spyder Baybie.

After Big Zach had to respectively cancel the Varsity show for April 9th, I sent out a bat signal for an act worthy of replacing the slot. Tommy, from Party House, got back to me with a name… “Bight Club”. The rest is history. I just hope these guys are alive by April 9th.

Bight Club has a massive pull, an attractive pull, a suicide-girls-tattooed-sleeves kind of pull. I get facebook friend suggestions every evening with female names that have less than 2 friends in common, but more familiar… a page in common… “Bight Club”. It seems Bight’s audience consists a majority of party-going, drug-induced, strikingly-beautiful, dark-hair, pale-skinned, red-lipped women potentially fitting unofficial clones of Amy Winehouse- or better yet, the original mold of Amy Winehouse. I like it. I like it a lot, and the bill couldn’t be more volatile.

Still, Jeremy Nutzman weighs on me- I stew more and more over his appearance with 2% Muck and his blue-collar rockstar status… all I can say in the presence of it all is “I’m a fan”.

I can also say… “I’m scared”. This show just might put me out of the graces with the Varsity, but somehow in the eschillon of most memorable evening since the Gophers won the Frozen Four and we took to burning the streets, throwing beer cans at SWAT police, and completely destroying every phone booth from highway 280 to Riverside Plaza. Well, here goes nothin’…

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