Thursday, May 19, 2011

New/Old Headquarters

Back at the new/old headquarters (Espresso Royale, Downtown, Mpls), I’m happy to say my job hasn’t occupied the recesses of my life, and travelling is back in motion. When I arrived in Oshkosh last weekend, the counting game went from how many people are in the coffeeshop with a hangover to how many people have asked me “where’s your show at this weekend?” But there was no show, just hours of kick-it time with Jarvis and unbeknownst bass player, Jon.

I’ve become accustomed to Sid, the four-year old I work with, sitting on my lap and slowly turning toward me afterward to say “I farted on you”. I don’t think I knew when or if I did fart at the age of four. New Orleans was such a blur that I can only recall the really intense shit, none of the simplicities… like farting on paraprofessionals. Then again, we’re talkin’ New Orleans circa 1986, when it was smack dab next to Mississippi for the worst public education in the country, so perhaps paraprofessionals didn’t exist then for any four-year olds to fart on. Getting back to the subject, I can put up with the emotional/social disorder of pre-K to 5th grade and not let it bleed into the rest of my afternoons spent writing and conniving with Dr. Wylie, mixtape producer.

My dad visits next month, and for the first time in a long time, I’m pretty damn excited. No money, no pressure, no expectations, I actually look forward to just sittin’ down with the guy and kickin’ it. Let’s talk Libya, Ghadafi’s Eazy-E hair cut, why you think Obama’s a black George W. Bush with a tan, you’re daughter’s marrying a guy you’ve met half-a-dozen times- do you remember his last name? Y’know the usual conversation between a father & son… right;)

The band and I head to Milwaukee, then Oshkosh, then Milwaukee, then Chicago in a few months and round up back in Minneapolis. Well, Mpls will be cancelled if I can’t hear back from the booking mgr at Cause to fill me in on what the % is at the door. It’s been a week, and I’ve heard several different things so far…  well, everything but a solid answer- which is understandable seeing he’s just started booking at Cause. Stay tuned… however, I’m f----n excited as a 2 year old at Hannukah for the release of this next mixtape: Makin’ Mistakes & Feelin’ Great. ‘Twill be the shiz.

Ok, I’m getting back to writing.

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