Monday, April 4, 2011

Spyder Baybie Bight

March 24th, 2011
The Cabooze’s bouncers will go hand-to-wrist-to-exit on your ass if you try and flier outside their venue… so I flier’d inside.

 After the Big Zach CD Release show got out, I passed out fliers for the Bight Club show this coming Saturday at The Varsity. Dave took the outside and got touched within the same moment. Guy didn’t even get thru a dozen flys before one of the bouncers told him to scram. Running through the crowd of familiars, hipsters, not-so-familiars, and did-we-go-to-middle-schoolers, my stack was running low- the promo was going well. Most folks recognize Bight Club’s picture, and even more so Jeremy.

Jeremy is one half Bight Club, the frontman, the voice, the rapper, the face… the meal ticket, if you’re trying to promote the group as a headliner. Jeremy also works with another producer by the name of 2% Muck. When performing with Muck, Jeremy goes by the moniker of Spyder Baybie Raw Dog 3k… however, when he’s with Bight Club, he goes by the name of Nutz… short for Nutzman, his last name.

Back to the grind- couldn’t find a single flier that’d hit the ground yet (meaning the people, that I handed them out to, were actually holding on to them). Almost to the bottom of the stack- there she was. Had to be the apple of someone’s photography, music video, iris… there was something to her that carelessly smirked, “motherfucker please, I don’t audition- director’s call me”. Bright red lipstick, long arms, a presence that made you feel like the next time you see her could possibly be on the cover of Cosmopolitan next to the latest “how to manipulate your boyfriend” segment-  my momentum half-halted, I wasn’t backing down to some suburban bombshell turned urbanite showing to a hip-hip show to garner street cred. Bah, I’m being too critical, maybe she’s good friends with Zach, Big Jess, someone that performed tonight- or maybe I’m going into immediate defense mode (side effect of extreme intimidation) and am in denial of potentially retreating from handing her a flier… fuck it. I hand her the damn slip of paper.

(The next 2 seconds) The bombshell took an unusual amount of time to look at the flier- was more like a stare than anything. Her eyes filled with a reaction to the paper. She blinked rapidly, broke character, glanced to her right, fake smiled- I almost made a clean getaway until she murmured something.

“Sorry, you okay?”. The flier, now on the ground, the gal still considerably affected by the picture on the flier. “I’ve already seen these guys. No thanks”, she claims while slowly regaining her composure. I pick up the flier from the ground, “Sure you don’t have space on your fridge for it?”. Brushing her hair aside, breaking composure and character this time, “I dated Nutz. 2 years. I’m done”.

The most attractive woman in the building had a few more choice words, but it didn’t stop me from still cordially smiling and going about my business with the rest of the stack. “Good God, who is this man?”, I thought to myself. Jeremy Nutzman, the myth, the frontman, the ex-boyfriend. Had absolutely nothing to do with the gal who almost spat in my face over a flier, but the sheer reaction the picture evoked out of the woman was damn near legendary. Almost made me intimidated to look at the piece of paper…

BIGHT CLUB (Jeremy Nutzman & Tony Rabiola)
and a break dance showcase by
18+ $10 – 8:30PM

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